Football in Mendoza Argentina

People’s passion and enthusiasm who cheers for their team gives every game a special atmosphere in the tribunes. With us you will enjoy it in a safe and fun way as a real a local fan. We watch every soccer game in Mendoza Argentina from the standing area, the stadium area where the real and most enthusiastic fans are. The ones that support their team no matter what the score says. We avoide the sitting area where amateurs dare to coment the game like if they were expert coaches. There is no fun in that!. We get to know the team and watch the fans in action. We learn songs and ways to cheer the players. We also enjoy a choripán! Sport, culture and cuisine in the same activity. Our activity includes: bilingual guide (English/Spanish), ticket for “popular”, bottle of fresh water (500 cc) and insurance. This tour requires booking. You can book it in our site or through your hotel/hostel.


Argentinian Premier League

Godoy Cruz vs Colón

02/04/2018 7:45 pm.

Godoy Cruz vs. Temperley (ACTIVITY CANCELLED)

14/04/2018 11:45 am. (CANCELLED)

Godoy Cruz vs. San Martín

27/04/2018 7:45 pm.

Godoy Cruz vs. Tigre

13/05/2018 Date and hour not confirmed yet

Godoy Cruz vs Colón

02/04/2018 7:45 pm

AR$ 700 pesos

(includes standing area ticket, permanent guide, insurance and water - transfer not included)


St. Martin Park Gates. Boulogne Sur Mer & Libertador st.


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