Live Streaming Tour for Tips

Enjoy Live Streaming free walking tour. Travelling without moving


Discover Mendoza without moving from home. You can travel safe with Viví MZA’s guides via live streaming or other broadcasting formats. Join us in a virtual tour and enjoy Mendoza’s history, geography, tales and legends.
If you did and enjoyed a walking with us, get deeper into Mendoza’s and Argentina’s culture with our thematics chats.
No need for tickets, carry luggage, or paying for accomodation. Travel from any place in the world with your internet connection and the device of your choice.
We hope you like the new products we are working on and give us your support.

Live streaming

We set the day, time and topic and you can enjoy a live virtual experience about Mendoza.
Get the opportunity to make questions on real time to our experts and obtain tips on where to find more information. Meet once more time with Begoña, Santiago and Marcelo.
There is no need to download any app or page, just get your pass here to get a Youtube link with the confirmation of the time and the date of the virtual tour. You will find new topics each week. If you like the virtual tour then remember we also like tips. At the end of the chat we give you the opportunity to reinforce our work by adding an extra tip.


Private livestream

If you would like to choose the topic and time of the tour we can agree the correct moment to have a live chat. During this virtual tour feel free to ask questions any time and participate in a collaborative way with our guides. Let us know the dates and hours that would work for you and we will get back to you with our proposal and best platform to interact. This is a great option if you would like to have more information about a topic that has been already developed during the walking tour or the livestream. If you would like to propose a new topic, challenge us. We work hard for the extra tips.


Travel comfortably from home at any time and from anywhere. Get your access and we will send you the link to download the file of a pre recorded audio tour. Then go over on it as many times as you would like to. Get to know this great opportunity to travel and practice a language at the same time if you are a Spanish or English student. Our audios are made according to the Common European Framework for languages. Find stories, anecdotes, descriptions from Mendoza. Have fun and prepare yourself for your next trip. Just relax at home and listen.


Our blog

Find Information, tips and the introduction to our tour in our blog section. This is free and simple reading page with articles about Mendoza and Argentina. Get to know our work and let us guide you during your visit to Mendoza. Here we publish complete information on “How to … In Mendoza” You can find good tips on what to do and where to go in the city and destinations nearby. Activities, places to eat and experience local habits. Remember that if you can not travel yet, we have multiple virtual tour options.