Why going to a football match accompanied

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Because you do not want to miss a detail! The whole experience of attending a match in Argentina is quite a complete cultural activity. Yes, you will be entertained the 90 minutes the two teams are playing, will have the chance to see professional players and renowned teams, but this is only a fragment of what there is to enjoy.

The football experience starts a couple of hours before the game and it happens in the surroundings of the stadium. The fans, like pilgrims, approaches to the football pit arriving from everywhere. Where do the crowded buses come from? The enthusiasms can be sense in the air, it can even be smelled. But what is that smell? Fan, as expected wear their team colors but why are people wearing different T-shirts if they belong to the same team? They shout, the comment, they laugh. What are they saying? Let a local explain you what is all about. Every detail of the colorful pre-game atmosphere can be narrated to you by our guide but even before  attending the game , having some information will be quite useful to enjoy the activity. What to take with you and what not. Traveling light is quite comfortable but what should you not forget to take with you. What is and what is not allowed to do inside the stadium? It there etiquette for attending a football match in Argentina? Well, sort of…  


Let us enlighten you with some information and tips. Hey! We are all local fans here, where are the other team supporters? During the past couple of years only local fans attend to the stadium. Due to some incidents that involved the police and the rivalry between fans, AFA (Football Argenitina Association), decided that the entrance of visitors fans, only locals can fill the grades so it happens that half of the stadium is empty. Does this contribute to safety? We will later blog our point of view about this. The point is this does not usually happens in other countries and knowing the reasons and not the shallow version you might hear from the hotel concierge or the taxi driver, will make you understand the idiosyncrasy of this sport in the country. 

A line of police men and police women are welcoming us to the stadium! Is because riots are expected, do they will ask us for ID? None of them. They search for things you cannot enter the stadium with: anything they consider a weapon or a substance that could gladden you more than usual. Drugs, alcohol are not allowed and the police will be searching for that. Also knives, glass, rocks, anything you can throw to the football pit. If you are carrying a big backpack with you, they will ask you to empty it and show every single object on it. That special pencil you are writing your traveling journey with, will be taken from you, better live it at home. The same with make up and mirrors. If you were not advised beforehand not to bring these objects with you. Do not worry if we fail giving you the information when you booked the activity with us, we still know what to do for you to recover your precious belongings after the game. 

We are in the correct spot. Great atmosphere, nice view, seems to be quite safe to enjoy the game, but where is the hot dog guy? I am hungry and was waiting for the game to start to have a snack. Nowhere to be seen.  And beer? They only sell Coca cola here.  Hungry and thirsty. Would have been good knowing in advance what to expect! Definitely. There are food stands in the stadium but you will only find expensive sandwich, non-alcohol beer, Coca Cola and overrated bottles of water. Tips not to starve and not enjoy the experience because your stomach is empty. We have tons of them. Fortunately you can capture each detail with your camera, because you brought it with you. When you book the activity you were told what to bring with you and what not. You could know in advance  if was going to be safe or your I phone or Reflex Cannon would be stolen from you before having the chance of making the first shooting. Photos, videos, selfies take all memories with you. 

The crowd is singing. What do they say? “Puta” Is that a swearing right? Yes, but we do not usually call the players or the referee hore. The correct word is Puto and to be well pronounced you have to stress the last o. So Putooo is the correct insult. They are saying “English” and jumping up and down! Hey here I am from England! No, you do not want to be identify and become the putooo of the moment. We recommend you to pretend to be from somewhere else instead if you hear “El que no salta es inglés”. There is not only a long story in football rivalry among the two national football teams but history has also leaved scars. Do not worry though, xenophobia ends outside the stadium.  No one will dare to beat you up if you are an English tourist in Argentina. 

Which is the best place in the stadium to watch the game? We already too that decision for you! We only make Popular experiences. We would like you to really feel how is to be an Argentinean football fan, not only a critic of the players and couch technique comfortably seated on the side stands. At least that is not what locals do. Ready to experience football? As we said before: you do not want to miss a detail and enjoy the experience at its full. Then, book with us. 

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